Friday, March 9, 2007

pre- trip questions

i want to feel something new, like the feeling of going to the mountains from the city to snowboard, except this time, it is going to be from a city to city. The last time i went to New York, i just remember walking around and feeling like it was a waste of time. This time, it kind of "sucks" in a way that there is a rigid schedule and no room to walk off randomly to something that seems curious, but there are appealing aspects to having that schedule because there is so much to do that I would probably have no idea what to do. At the appointments, i hope i can learn something that will be able to connect me to future opportunities.

2. Companies
i feel that things will start hitting me when i am older when i am more informed about the world, maybe regretting how little i knew about the companies when i visited them. but i am interested in the Paper magazine and the Wallach package design visits. Both of them are on Monday... pretty exciting.

3. impressions
West Coast design
hollywood, urban garbaged mixed, more low down, cool, street, pop, asian influences

East Coast
more formal, high-end, clean, sophisticated, the street scene=black and white, or vivid colors, elaborate signage in graffiti


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