Friday, March 16, 2007

Snowed in at Newark


Woke up this morning to a beautiful world of white. But after several hours of light hail and snow, it continued to come down and throughout the morning the weather reports came in speaking of a rapidly moving snow storm. The weather quite suddenly became bitingly cold.

The students all packed into the shuttle early and we crossed our fingers that our flight wasn't cancelled. The news looked good even up to the airport. We heard of other flights being closed but our plane had arrived early from Lisbon and was awaiting us at the gate. We were getting minute by minute updates from the airline and still the flight was listed as on schedule to leave by 3:25. And even after arriving at the gate, all looked good. But within a short amount of time, our flight was "delayed" until 5. Then 5:30 and by 7pm it became apparent that no planes were flying in or out of all airports in NY and NJ. Then came the announcment that no one wanted to hear - The flight was cancelled. AND then within minutes they announced that Newark Airport was also closed - All flights into and out of Newark were cancelled for the day.

We are now stuck at Newark Airport. The crowds of people lined up to try and book a flight out was unlike anything I've ever see - it literally stretch amost down the end of the terminal. The only flight we could book would be Tuesday! Sherin and her husband Kelly have been working hard for the last few hours to find us a hotel to wait out the storm. By sheer luck we've found something for tomorrow so the group will wait it out at at a hotel less than a mile from the airport. The airline has announced that it may be several hours to retrieve our luggage back so we will wait until morning and get everyone to the hotel and keep checking for flights out. The students are all trying to get a little sleep until morning.

By the way - the weather forecast at home is 80 degrees and sunny. Can't wait to get home.

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