Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spirit in The Dark

I have always loved Los Angeles. It was my haven when I immigrated in ’89 and again yesterday when I finally escaped Terminal C in Newark. Driving up the 110 it was a little overcast, with lush Cali native plants on both sides…hallelujah! It’s strange to think that I would miss the smell of LAX air, doing the dishes before I make the morning coffee, the cat’s incessant meows for dinner and the noise of the metro passing through Highland Park.

Wonderful Things

Candice’s *cheeky* pose
Strawberry ice cream at midnight
Air Tran Captain Jody “B717girl”
Paul & team @ Morgans’ Hotel
Soft bed at 2:20am
Jackie’s calmness amidst chaos
Steff Geissbuhler
Sativa’s resolve…what a rock star!
The Design Babes at Wallace & Church
The comfort of my husband’s voice on the phone
Aretha Franklin on my iPod
Kelsey & Emmett doing SC Proud
Snow drift on a crisp NY morning
The Strand Bookstore
Beaming smile from Daniel
Haven’s Cousin Ming driving us to Newark @3:30am
Every single person from this amazingly strong group
Haven Lin-Kirk aka THE BUDDHA

Terrible Things

Continental Airlines
Newark airport
800 numbers
Seats with armrests
Snow storms anytime
Drunkards on St Patty’s Day
Corporate brainwashing in action
Walking off a flight home
Missing my dear friend Steven's memorial
Feeling helpless

Despite it all, the good still outweighed the bad. And yes, I can taste my spit again.

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cambria said...

ditto on hating the corporate brainwashing!