Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Haven's List

So we are finally home. I've slept for 12 hours but feel like I could sleep 12 more. My daughters have been cuddled around me since I got home and I'm still amazed by our adventure. I've spoken to Sherin numerous times since we have gotten home - I'm still toting my cell around like a security blanket. I've learned so much about my students and myself. I've watched them bond with one another in a way that it would be impossible to replicate within a class or through curriculum. I've watched a number of them act as leaders and lead their peers out and keep one another’s spirits up.

Wonderfuls (no particular order)

The students - their strength, optimism, camaraderie, maturity
My amazing co-teacher Sherin BFF
Support of Dean Ruth Weisberg, USC is a wonderful institution
The last group out (esp. the AIGA officers - Yuji the group leader holding them together and then going home alone)
Cell phones
Hotel Morgans esp. Paul
Air Trans pilot - Jody
Sativa and the first group out
My family
USC's Emmitt and Kelsey
Gary Hustwit and Helvetica
Wallace Church - design grls
Nickelodeon - Deb (good luck - we love you!)
Warm beds, showers, clean clothes
The sound of real laughter even during the darkest moments
Cambria's mom and the cookies
Jackie's mom and her letter
Sarah's mom and her greeting in LA
this blog
Cooper Hewitt's Design Now show
Jacqueline - "And I thought I was tired Friday"
Candice's cheeky thing
Hajime and the chair he carried around Newark airport
The Strand
Karen L - "Everything feels so normal, I love normal."
Daniels' "real" smile
All the brave students that made it home alone - Carly, Mel, Samantha, Laura S., Laura B.
Avenue Q
My cousin Ming


Airport floors
Standby and 800 numbers
Rude airline agents and complete lack of compassion
Baggage claim

One last thing- took my daughter to school this morning and saw the homeless guy that is always on the corner washing windows for change. It was raining and he had a resigned look on his face. I pulled out some bills and gave it to him. He looked me in the face and said "I love you"... I know how he feels.

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