Saturday, January 31, 2009

2009 New York Study Tour

Spring 2009

University Park Campus
Los Angeles, California

Instructors – Haven Lin-Kirk, Thomas Schorer

USC Gayle Garner Roski's School of Fine Arts is delighted to offer the Roski Design New York Study Tour for the second time. Art and design students from Roski will travel to New York City for a one-week art and design study tour. The undergraduate group consisting of 18 students and 2 faculty members will be touring NYC and visiting a number of design firms, advertising agencies, museums, and taking in the sights of the city. As part of the students’ research the class will collaborate in keeping a group blog of their research, observations and thoughts.

During the University’s spring break the group will travel from Los Angeles to New York City and over the course of 7 days/6 nights. We will arrive in Manhattan late Saturday, March 14th via Virgin American. Our first full day will consist of a city tour of NY and dinner with a couple of Roski alums working in the city. A full itinerary will be published in future post so check in for the latest details.

To visit the 2009 student blog - ROSKI NEW YORK STUDY TOUR 2009