Saturday, March 17, 2007

newark update

We are still at the NJ Newark Airport. Our trials began when our flight was cancelled and the airport closed. Hotels were impossible to find so we roughed it and stayed at the airport. Advice to Continental Airlines - take better care of your customers during times of trial, give them someplace (aside from the floor) to sleep, don't LIE to them, feed them, and if they are trapped for multiple days - show a little compassion (assist with hotels). Some of the customer service people at the desk were really harried but quite a few of them were wonderful and seem to genuinely care about what was happening to us. There was one pilot that was stranded at the airport but assisted as a counter person. That is incredible.

We are still at the terminal. It feels like we dropped off of the face of the earth. There's a flight landing in the next few minutes and we should be taking off around midnight. I can't wait to see my family and get back home.

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Antony said...

I was there. Continental was unprepared, indifferent and - in terms of customer care - downright negligent. Hope you got out OK.