Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kelsey Diao - Chiat Day

USC Alumni Kelsey Diao, Jacqueline, and Candice.


CANDY said...

omg!!! CANDANCE was what my high school senior class called me for a WHOLE YEAR!!! just bc of this one poorly educated curator @ the getty museum!!! she had a bunch of name tags ready for our class when we went there for a field trip and she spelled my name, "YOO CANDANCE". tragedy.

Haven said...

so sorry... I fixed it. how are you going to ditch the candice cheek thing?

CANDY said...

WAHHAH!!! NO!!! i like canDANCE!!! XDDD i did not mean it in a serious way AT ALL!!! LOL!! XD YAY CANDANCE!!! XDD