Saturday, March 24, 2007


Warning: too much of cheeky can cause immediate bonding and intense love for one another. ::wink:: ;)

It all began with this!!!! XD D3 field trip to the Brewery!!!
Now that I look back on it, I kinda wish time had stopped then
but i'm SOO glad i'm here. :) but wowowow this feels like 384545 years ago!!! XD

ALright!!! ladies and gentlemen!!!

karen - "weeee~"

Amy - "ahahha!! XD candice is TOO funny!!"
OMG!! is that.. ::trembles slightly:: DANIEL????
That famous "SUPER STOIC DANIEL" doing cheeky????

On our way to home!!! :D yay Airtran! we RUV you!!!
(credits to AVENUE Q's Christmas Eve. LOL!)


our professors, all GLAMMED OUT!!! ahhaha XD



Thank you all for showing such good examples as mature upperclassmen for me to follow. During times of chaos, you all were calm and unswindled. When I was confused, you answered my questions to the best of your knowledges and made me learn, once again, how important and crucial "friendship" and "teamwork" are. I saw one falling behind and being picked up by another. I saw compassion and warmth for one another. Some people might say, "You guys went through something very minute and trivial compared to what the rest of the world is going through." Yes, it might be trivial. It might seem like a little pebble in the middle of the rose garden. But little do they know just how much we were granted from this incident.

Let alone the airport episode, I learned a lot about myself throughout the whole NYC trip. I realized how little I knew about the world and how reckless it is for one to say, "I will change the world!" However, I learned that, as designers, we are responsible for what goes out to the public and what people view daily. I've always wanted to converge Art and Sociology but did not know where to start. When I set my feet on the ground where the twin tower of World Trade Center had stood formerly, I realized that although I count as just one, single person in this large world that contains 6 billion others, I can make a difference for I have a dream in becoming somebody who can represent multiple. For example, I can create campaign prints for blood shortages, poverties, famines...etc. This does not mean, in any extent, that I consider myself as Gandhi or Jesus Christ. In fact, I've learned to become humble in treating and perceiving others and surroundings. It has been said (or at least I heard :)) that "Acquiring a dream is already 50% dream come true" I am very glad for accomplishing my goal in this trip: finding inspiration and ambition, and I certainly would not be the Candice that I am right now, burning with passion for design, have I not been part of this tour with so many wonderful new friends. I think all we have left to do is not let these experiences become valueless but carry them on with us towards our goals which will bloom so fruitfully now that we have the nutrients that will keep us going. :)

I want to thank you all once again for teaching me things that I would never have learned otherwise. Your presence were such blessings, and I would never forget each and every one of you even after you guys graduate.

I want to borrow this little space (i say "little" space because we really want to rent a huge billboard or something in announcing this. ::laugh::) to thank our teachers who've been SOOO responsible and for making us feel at home even during the desolate times and the chilliest times. (credits to Charles

I WUv YOU ALL and you KNOW IT!!! <3
do lots of cheeky!!!!
PREACH it,LIVE it, and BREATHE it!!!!
everything in life (but cheeky) is only for now~

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Sarah said...

what great photos candice, you're too cute!! I love the cream puff one, but in the one on the bus I'm totally frowning! Perhaps because I sensed what about to happen at the airport :)

Long live the cheeky pose!