Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I'm just so excited to be getting out of LA for a bit. Any chance to travel is always welcome. My memory of New York is a bit of a blur, but the overwhelming feeling I get when I think back to 8th grade is that I REALLY liked New York.

So, New York is somewhere I'd like to live for a part of my life, and this seems like a good opportunity to learn more about the city, design community, and lifestyle. And, let's face it, I'm excited to visit all the cool stores and eat good food, and pretend like I'm in Sex and the City!

I'm excited to visit:
PENTAGRAM has created so many designs that I am familiar with, but never knew were designed by Pentagram. They have done the identity for citibank, Pantone, Star Alliance, and United, to name a few. They have designed USC's current website, interior for the AIGA National HQ in New York, packaging for Tiffany & Co. and Godiva, and the "marks" for getty images, Phaidon, and the Penguin Group.

PAPERMAG. I'm like magazines, and papermag is just so in on things that are hip and cool, and arty in our culture at the moment.

Well, the East seems more traditional and "old school", being the center of fashion and art for over several decades now. The West Coast is newer, and with a younger mentality, seems concerned with creating things that are "rad" and edgy. East Coast design has more of an intellectual sophistication (due to its history and its place in history), its design is more "dressed up", similar to the way that New Yorkers are more dressed up, and more business-y. West Coast design, at least in LA, is entertainment-oriented, moving with the pace of Hollywood and movies (maybe we're more ADD?). East Coast has so many of the larger, established design firms, and seems almost the trained, older and wiser brother to the more rambunctious, younger West Coast (LA).

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