Wednesday, March 7, 2007

get excited for NYC!!!

• What are your expectations for the trips?

Well I’m already geared up for being uncomfortable (lets just say that breaking in a new pair of shoes has been incredibly painful haha) but having a great time that makes any uckiness completely worth it. I’m viewing the trip more as an educational and eye opening experience in relation to art rather than a shopping expedition and clubbing scene (I guess it’s a good thing I’m almost broke!). I’m excited to roam NYC and take a lot of pictures and EXPERIENCE the city. I’ve only been to NYC before once, and it was with my parents so while I got a lot of culture from the opera, ballet, symphony, and art museums I didn’t get to see smaller galleries and the city as a whole. I’m really hoping to come back to LA with a broader understanding of graphic design not just in the workplace but as a whole in how it operates on the east coast.

• What companies are you most excited to visit?

I’m excited for Pentagram, Seigal and Gale, and Paper magazine. Pentagram’s and Seigal+Gale’s work is so recognizable and they have successfully shaped brand images. To be able to see where these ideas are generated and the people that work on the projects is incredibly exciting.

Magazine work interests me and might be a possible career avenue, so I’m excited to see Paper Mag since it’s such a fresh concept magazine.

• How would you define "West Coast" design?

West coast design is much more freeform and adaptive than East Coast. West coast takes a lot more influences and mushes them all together into different design styles while East Coast design seems a bit more regimented with less LAcraziness.

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