Friday, March 9, 2007

Pre-trip expectations

This morning my dad and I were reading the weather report in New York: high of 22 low of 12, snow storm on its way. Oh my goodness it’s going to be so cold. It’s now official that I really have to get out the WARMEST clothes I have! Scarves, gloves, long coats, boots; all are a must.

I have been telling everyone that I am going to New York, and of course everyone has suggestions as to where to go and what to do.

Places I want to go that people have recommended:
Dillard’s Chocolate/Candy
Carnegie Deli
Henry Bendels Clothing
The best pizza place!! (try a bunch of different ones)
Ruby Foos Chinese Food

I am really excited to visit each design firm. I love that we are visiting both small and large firms to get a true idea of what each is like. I am really curious to see our hotel and the view from our room. I love seeing cities from high buildings and hope we get a great look from our room.

I am a little nervous about going somewhere I have never been, but everyone has been saying it’s very easy to get around and not to worry. I have a pretty good sense of direction, but I hope they are right!

I am thinking of a crazy idea to do some fashion photography while I am there. I saw this commercial the other night with this girl on a city avenue dressed in couture. She was in color, but the city was black and white. For my art theory class we are doing a group project on fashion, so I thought it might be fun to explore this in the city. Since I am so concerned about what outfits to wear to fit in with the NYC style, I thought this would be a really fun project. For my final portfolio project, I would love to turn in a photo sequence with fashion photos around the city. This is just an idea, but I will definitely be bringing my cameras to experiment with while I am there.

Overall, sooo excited, going to be a little tired being at LAX so early, hope we arrive safely, don’t want to freeze, can’t wait to take pictures, and just want to try some GREAT NYC food and see a new city!!!

~ Lindsey

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