Wednesday, March 7, 2007

New York Expectations

I'm expecting:

  • Inspiration - I've never seen this before
  • Education - where did stuff come from?
  • Reality - something to reference besides stylized movie scenes when I think of NY
  • Food coma - a great meal

I'm excited about:
Let me temper any optimistic praise with my trademark cynical criticism.

  • Pentagram - they help define iconic brands. I liked their London work for Tesco and Wagamama. Though their work in technology leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Ogilvy & Mather- I've read David's books. I've visited their SF office so it'll allow a real West v. East comparison. I'm not the biggest advertising industry fan but this is one of the agencies I respect.

  • C&G Partners - They've done what seems like everything in financial and public institutions. They must have some wisdom to glean from.

"West Coast" design is:
While East Coast design I would say is very Modern and elegantly minimalist with Euro vibes, West Coast design is split between North and South
  • Showy because of the entertainment industries (Los Angeles)
  • Influenced & informed by technology in product, web design, and also styling because of Silicon Valley (San Francisco)
  • Techno-Hippie. Like SF but even more green probably because of the trees (Seattle)
  • Quirky/Irreverent (see postmodern below)
  • Reactive (see postmodern below)
  • Postmodern. Styles can range from elegant/clean to unapologetically eclectic. I say it leans towards the latter. Takes styles from everywhere and anytime and mish mashes it without caring about the consequences. LA flaunts that it define pop culture while SF doesn't say much but works on defining the future.

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