Friday, March 9, 2007


Hey there's a ton of fun stuff to do in NY...obviously....and i know some of us are planning on hitting up certain places or seeking out something in particular...i remember hearing about designer cupcake adventures and such.

I just thought I'd say if anyone is doing something neat like that and you're cool with other people coming along, we should all post the kinds of activities or missions anyone has in mind so other people can join in the fun too.

I haven't really had a chance to think of much stuff for myself, but I went to NY last year (october november ish) and I know I want to try to go to some of the same spots I saw last time. In fact, I still have their business cards (Lara I nerd out on business cards too!) Here are the places.

  • Tavern on the Green - its hokeyness is mindblowing. i must see it at christmas sometime. my mom told me to see this and i popped my head in, but didnt get to eat there or anything. its in central park somewhere.
  • The Delta Grill - they had some really good cajun kinda food and it was the first time i had ever tried it, plus the place looked cool inside. they're at 700 9th ave at 48th st.
  • belgian BXL cafe - tastyness. period. and they're at 125 west 43rd st.
Anyways, good luck with packing everyone...see you tomorrow. yayyyy

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