Wednesday, May 2, 2007


A Moment we've all been waiting for! PICTURES!!!

Helvetica Documentary by Gary Huswit
[All rights kinda sorta not reserved but credits to Yuji Sakuma X)]

Yuji the president smelling american apparel

Gary blowing out numerous candles.
He blew ALL of them out!!!! amazing!!! X)

=Models of the Night=
(or so Candice wants to say XD)

Haven and Candice doing cheeky~ can't call it a day without it!!!! XD

One more to our cheeky collection X)

Panel with Gary Huswit and the fabulous Matthew Carter
AIGA Student Portfolio Day

reviewer - "Please work in our company, yuji"
yuji - "i don't know~ I mean, I have to think about it~" LOL!! X)
You are now witnessing one's getting recruited by a company. X)


Because Haven is so cool, she made ALL of US these wonderful soft hats!!!!
They are extra soft because Sherin's love went in them also!!!! ahhaha!!

-NYC 499 class of 2007-

Laura - "That way is Newark..."
Candice, Sarah, Tsz - "No more NEWARK!!!!"



Sarah said...

i love these pics! Candice, thanks for giving me a crown in the cake picture. I feel like a princess.

Haven-thanks for my hat! I love it.

Also love the pic of us with matthew carter. I was so star-struck. He was awesome. And Tsz called him David. hehe :)

Sarah said...

if possible you should copy and paste this post into the AIGA blog also