Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ogilvy LA

Yesterday, I went with my marketing class to Ogilvy and Mather, the LA branch. It's located in an industrial area of culver city. I wasn't too excited about it having already been to the New York office, but the LA office is a 180 degree switch from the NY office. The layout is very open space, minimalist with lots of wood beams and concrete and steel, as opposed to the marble and red carpet in NY. We sat in this very open glass conference room, they gave us free snacks and had about 10 employees from all the different areas (creative, account management, production, etc) come and have a panel discussion with us for about forty minutes. Most of them were dressed in jeans. Then they broke down into the creative and account planning teams and we got to talk to them more one on one and get advice. They were all really nice and willing to offer their own experiences and advice. I talked to one of the guys in charge of creative afterwards and he said he'd be happy to meet with me for an informational meeting/informal portfolio review. I left having a much better impression of Ogilvy as an agency. I wish you all could have visited too because, for me, it really defined the differences between east and west coast design

End result: I LOVE LA!

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