Monday, February 26, 2007

NYC expectations

I am excited to experience the historical and contemporary aspects of the New York design world first-hand with my class from USC. I am interested in meeting and interacting with leaders in the design industry and touring renowned design firms. It will allow me to have a larger scope of my chosen career pursuit and will be a great way to network when applying for jobs as a senior.

I am excited about visiting Ogilvy and Mather’s headquarters in NYC. Founded by David Ogilvy, the agency is world-renown, winning Canne’s Advertising Awards nearly every year. It has established itself as a leading agency by building brands through advertising. It is a full-service agency with clients including American Express, Sears, Ford, Shell, Barbie, Pond's, Dove, Maxwell House, IBM and Kodak.

I am also looking forward to visiting Pentagram, another full-service agency. Its portfolio includes print design, screen graphics, products, environments, and buildings. It is independently owned by partners who are in fact, designers themselves. I find this agency particularly interesting because it does not include an account management department. As someone who is more inclined towards the Creative side of advertising, I like the idea that clients work directly with partners and designers. With offices in London, New York, San Francisco, and Berlin, Pentagram offers an efficient and broad range of design services to both local and international clients.

New York City has long been regarded as the center of the fashion and design industry. It's where you'll find leading design firms, advertising agencies, and fashion schools. There has been a much longer historical tradition of design in the East Coast.

West coast design on the other hand is a markedly different scene. It is can be considered laid-back with a collaboration of styles. Home to Hollywood, the West Coast and has a thriving designer boutique culture, one that is considerably competitive and well-established. With both Hollywood and the beach next door, Los Angeles is well-known for its motion picture design as well as surf culture or “beach design.”

Jackie D
USC - Junior

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