Wednesday, January 31, 2007

USC Roski NYC Design Study Tour

University Park Campus
Los Angeles, California

Instructors – Haven Lin-Kirk, Sherin Guirguis

This spring semester, for the first time, art and design students at USC’s Roski School of Fine Arts will be traveling to New York City for a one-week art and design study tour. The undergraduate group consisting of 20 students and 2 faculty members will be touring NYC and visiting many respected design firms, museums, as well as taking in the sights of the city. As part of the students’ research the class will collaborate in keeping a group blog of their research, observations and thoughts. A supplemental enhanced audio podcast will also be created by the class and available to USC students and faculty through the USC’s website and iTunes U upon the end of the semester.

As part of the course curriculum and to prepare the students for the trip, the semester began with a podcast workshop hosted by Apple representatives (special thanks to Steve Cook). The workshop will be followed up with a 5-weeks crash course in the history of design and visual communication.

During the University’s spring break the group will travel from Los Angeles to New York City and over the course of 6 days - tour a number of renown firms, collect visuals (through sketches and/or photos) and record their thoughts and impressions for a final design project. Upon returning each student will design projects based on their experience and observations through perzines, artist’s books, blog, websites, or podcasts.

Week One
Class Introduction, Course Overview, Itinerary of Tour

Week Two
Podcast Workshop with Apple representatives – Tim Parker and Steve Cook (many thanks for a very informative overview of audio posdcasts and enhanced audio podcasts)

Week Three
History of Design - Lecture 1, Sherin Guirguis

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